Crypto Wallet with Debit Card

Get the ultimate financial freedom with our cryptocurrency app — manage money, invest, and make purchases quickly.
Crypto Debit Card

Spend Crypto daily with Yomi Debit Card

Pay your crypto like cash
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Top-up Yomi Card directly from a digital Wallet
Yomi non-custodial Crypto Wallet without KYC verification ensures total control over your digital assets and keeps them secure.
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Transfer crypto to Debit Card anywhere, anytime
Take your spending global with our platform, as we support transactions in over 180 countries worldwide.
ATM withdrawals in fiat currencies
Take your spending global with our platform, as we support transactions in over 180 countries worldwide.
Account with Personal IBAN and SEPA
Make online payments, manage subscriptions, analyze transaction history, create IBAN payments, and even utilize SWIFT transfers, all with Yomi Crypto app with a Debit Card.
Non-custodial Crypto Multi Wallet

Upgrade your digital asset management with Yomi Crypto Multi Wallet

Securely store, manage, and send your digital assets with Yomi non-custodial Wallet. 

Import Crypto Wallets to Yomi Platform

Yomi Multi Wallet simplifies digital asset management by consolidating all your crypto wallets in one place, allowing you to easily import, manage, and track your balances and payments.

Manage Your NFTs Across Multiple Networks

Connect your crypto wallets to manage and view your NFTs in one gallery seamlessly. Easily track the entire transaction history of your NFTs or transfer them to other wallets without needing third-party services.

Gas payment with ERC-20

Yomi offers gas payment with ERC-20 and payment without gas, sponsored by third-party providers, making payment fees more accessible and convenient.

More features in one solution

Instantly Swap your assets or transfer stablecoins cross-chain with a 0.3% commission. Besides, you can gather numerous transactions using a multisend to save time and money on fees.
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Crypto Wallet Security

Additional level of crypto-purse security


Enhance account security

Multi-signatures for authorizing a transaction — an extra layer of security to a crypto wallet. Each user can hold a part of the private key, and all users must agree to sign the transaction to be valid.

Users convenience

Daily spending limits control over how much money can be spent from an account daily. Time-lags for transactions allow users to cancel a transaction or seek help before it is completed.

Account recovery made easy

Users can quickly recover their accounts without worrying about losing their seed phrases thanks options with friends' email addresses.

User verification

Implementation of 2FA and the latest EIP-4337 standards alongside user authentication options such as email, biometric authenticator, and whitelist device.
Crypto Wallet with Debit Card

How do Non-custodial Wallets and Debit Cards work together

The non-custodial wallet provides users with complete control over their crypto assets.
We use 2FA and the latest EIP-4337 standards as a security guarantee.
Purchase crypto with Debit Card, pay with low fees, make transactions by IBAN, and enjoy high spending limits and cash withdrawals from ATMs in 180 countries.
Manage cryptocurrencies and spend fiat in real time.
The Ultimate Crypto Wallet & Debit Card App
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Supported Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

Need a particular token? We'll quickly add it for you.
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Accept Crypto Payments

Global Crypto Payments with Yomi merchant services

Yomi is a reliable crypto payment gateway allowing unlimited payments with low fees and flexible withdrawals in different currencies.
Yomi is worldwide acceptance, making it a convenient and secure option for managing earnings and tracking orders.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We've compiled the answers to the most frequently asked and are ready to help you figure it out.

How does a non-custodial wallet differ from a custodial wallet?

Non-custodial wallet, a user holds, controls and manages private keys and digital assets. Custodial wallet, a third-party holds the user's private keys and manages their digital assets on their behalf.

Benefits of a crypto wallet with a debit card?

Using a crypto wallet with a debit card offers several advantages, such as quickly converting cryptocurrency to fiat currency and spending it at merchants that do not accept cryptocurrency directly.

It also provides a convenient way to manage and track spending. Additionally, using a crypto wallet with a debit card can provide a degree of privacy in transactions.

How does a crypto wallet with a debit card work?

A crypto wallet with a debit card allows users to spend their cryptocurrency assets at merchants accepting traditional payments. 

You can quickly top-up a Yomi debit card from your crypto wallet and use the card for cash withdrawals from ATMs or online/offline transactions.

Where to use Yomi Debit Card and Crypto Wallet?

You can use a Yomi Debit Card in more than 180 countries and a Crypto Wallet anywhere that accepts crypto, including millions of merchants worldwide.

The Yomi Debit Card can be used for online and offline purchases, and the Yomi Crypto Wallet can store, send, and receive cryptocurrency.

How to get a Yomi Debit Card?

Becoming a Yomi crypto cardholder is a breeze! Just pre-order and join the whitelist. You'll receive a notification as soon as the cards are ready for use.

Risks of using a crypto wallet with a debit card?

Crypto wallets and debit cards can be vulnerable to hacking and theft, which could result in the loss of funds. Users should take steps to secure their wallets and cards, such as enabling two-factor authentication and keeping their private keys and PINs safe.