Benefits of Yomi Crypto Payment Gateway

The basis of successful crypto payments for business

Extra Low Fees

Crypto transaction fees are from 0.2% to 0.9%.

Flexible withdrawals

Fiat and crypto payouts in multiple currencies.

Worldwide Crypto

Accept crypto payments and exchange them anywhere.

Unlimited payments

Transact cryptocurrency without upper limits.
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Crypto Payment Processing Features

Crypto payment platform for business charges

Affordable Payments Integration

Get clear documentation and expert assistance for a seamless setup via crypto payment API and iframe.

Real-time Notification System

Real-time tracking and reporting for crypto transaction monitoring and analysis in/out payments.

Crypto Payment Solutions

Customize crypto checkout

Customize checkouts to your company's needs with crypto payment provider Yomi.
Sell goods and services, get donations, or make P2P transactions securely
Track payments source with a Click ID in your checkout and customize the URL
Add corporate details such as logo, brand colors, images, price, description
Fast conversions from fiat to crypto with a payment gateway without hidden fees

Effortless crypto payment Integration with your platform

Crypto payment plugin is an easy way to start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the shortest time possible.
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Sign up for the Yomi crypto payment system.
Create a checkout.
Add an instant payment button to your website.
Connect via API for automatic transaction status transfer to the e-com database.

Manage Income with Non-Custodial Wallet

Create Business Account
Non-custodial Wallet provides secure income management for businesses.
Yomi platform uses 2FA and the latest EIP-4337 standards for security.
Easy setup in seconds without seed phrase requirement.
Transaction history and sources tracking for detailed cash flow analysis.

Debit card for withdrawal

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Top-up card directly from a crypto wallet.
Pay bills, make transactions in crypto anywhere.
Online shopping with high spending limits.
Low fees of transaction for daily payments.
Cash withdrawals from ATMs in 180 countries.

Supported cryptocurrencies

Can't find the cryptocurrency you're looking for? We'll add it just for you. 
Add your token to the crypto merchant.
Can't find the cryptocurrency you're looking for? We'll add it just for you. Add your token to the crypto merchant.
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Enhance Your Industry With Us

Accept Crypto Payments for Your Business

Sector-specific Blockchain Solution


Integrate Yomi in WooCommerce crypto payments for global transactions.

P2E projects

Pay in crypto for game subscriptions or purchase in-game items.

Trading leagues

Receive quotes and interact with users' wallets with a crypto payment processor.

SaaS services

Expand subscription payment options for users with a blockchain payment gateway.

Online education

Make online courses or subscription payments secure with crypto payments.

Development companies

Integrate crypto payments for customer billing.

Non-profit Organizations
and Donations

Manage crypto donations conveniently with Non-custodial Wallet and Debit Card.

Companies that want to accept crypto payments

Instant payments from anywhere with low fees and privacy. 
How to accept crypto payments with Yomi → 01
How to accept crypto payments with Yomi
Create crypto checkout
Choose the type
Accept crypto for donations, product sales from clients, or sell tokens with P2P.
Add detailed info
Personalize checkout by incorporating branding visuals, custom URL and basic product and payment details.
Next step
Receive Crypto Payment
Integrate your checkouts
Set up integration Yomi to Shopify crypto payment, Wix crypto payment, or crypto payment WordPress via IFrame or API for better usability.
Automated Checkout and Callback URL
Automated checkout allows quick payment from customers worldwide, while callback URLs update real-time payment status.
Crypto Payouts Options
Gateway Crypto Exchange
Instantly Swap your assets or transfer stablecoins cross-chain with a 0.3% commission.
Store crypto in a Non-Custodial wallet
Gain complete control over private keys with Yomi KYC-free crypto wallet.
Crypto Debit Card
Use a worldwide Yomi debit card with elevated limits, low fees and personal IBAN.
How to accept crypto payments with Yomi → 02
How to accept crypto payments with Yomi → 03
White Label Crypto Wallet

Crypto Wallet — White Label solution

Yomi White-Label payment solution is the perfect B2B crypto payment processing decision for any business or crypto project. Invest in the technology and customize it to your needs for seamless integration with your product.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We've compiled the answers to the most frequently asked and are ready to help you figure it out.

What is the crypto payment?

Crypto payment uses cryptocurrency to buy goods or services. It's processed on decentralized blockchain networks, which makes it secure, fast, and anonymous.

How to accept crypto as a business?

1 - Sign up on the Yomi platform and import your wallets into Wallet Hub or use Yomi Non-custodial crypto wallet.
2 - Create crypto checkout and add it to your site, mobile app, or in-store via API.
3 - Convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency with our payment gateway.
4 - Download the transaction history for taxation. Yomi payment processor provides real-time tracking and reporting of transactions.

How to pay with cryptocurrency?

You'll need a cryptocurrency wallet that accepts cryptocurrency payments to pay with cryptocurrency. After adding the cryptocurrency to your wallet:

- Scan the merchant's QR code and enter the payment details, including the amount and the cryptocurrency you want to pay with.
- Confirm the transaction and wait for it to be processed, which usually takes only a few minutes.
- Check the transaction status in your wallet app or the blockchain explorer to ensure the payment was successful.

Where to spend cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency can be spent at online retailers, travel and hospitality providers, food and beverage establishments, charities and non-profits, entertainment providers, physical stores, and for peer-to-peer transactions.

How can I withdraw funds that I collected?

Here are the steps to withdraw funds collected in cryptocurrency:

- Transfer the funds to your digital wallet.
- Choose a cryptocurrency exchange.
- Sell the cryptocurrency in exchange for fiat currency or another cryptocurrency.
- Withdraw the funds to your bank account or digital wallet.

What currencies can I get paid in?

Our platform supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Tron — 19 cryptocurrencies and 7 blockchains. is continuously expanding its support to incorporate more blockchains and tokens.

What companies allow payments with Bitcoin?

Many companies generally allow payments with Bitcoin, including Microsoft, Overstock, Shopify, Expedia, Tesla, PayPal, and AT&T. As the adoption of cryptocurrency payments continues to grow, more and more companies are likely to start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.