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Top-up a Yomi card straight from your Wallet and withdraw cash or spend it with Google Pay, Apple Pay in minutes anywhere, anytime
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Benefits of Yomi Crypto Cards

Low Fees

From 0%

0% internal crypto and fiat transfers

180 countries

Use in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, USA, Germany and others 180 countries

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Personal Data Security — protecting assets

Yomi cryptocurrency cardholders can be assured that their funds and information are safe when making transactions.
In addition, you have the ability to instantly block and freeze accounts in case of suspicious activity is also beneficial to provide an extra layer of security for owners.
Virtual Crypto Debit Card

Register now – start using in minutes

Start using your virtual Yomi card and instantly pay with your phone while waiting for plastic card delivery. The virtual Yomi card substitutes your plastic card with all contactless purchases.
A virtual card can be a perfect replacement for a plastic one in case of online purchases: you don't need to worry about the card data used on some sites.
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Manage your crypto spending

Make payments online anytime, quickly, and securely. Manage subscriptions or analyze transaction history with a crypto card Yomi. You can even create IBAN payments if needed.
As your payment is completed, notifications are sent immediately to inform you about the transaction history. With a crypto card managing your spending has never been so easy!
Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay supported
Available Cryptocurrencies

All your crypto assets into one App

The wallet hub feature lets you connect or import all your crypto wallets and see their balances or private keys. Quickly top-up any of your wallets via a QR code. If you don't have any, you can create a Yomi wallet that will support 19 cryptocurrencies in 6 networks in the first version.
If you need a token on our network, we can easily add it in no time
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We've compiled the answers to the most frequently asked and are ready to help you figure it out.

Where is the Yomi Card available?

You can use your card in 180 countries. Here’s the list of all countries.

Are there benefits for VIP users?

The differences between cardholders determine the levels of the cards themselves. For VIP users, the lowest fees and the highest limits on ATM withdrawals and daily card payments.

How do I top up my card?

Top up your crypto wallet with QR or by wallet address, and funds will be automatically credited to your card. Transfer currency to your card or currency account using SEPA / SWIFT.

How long does it take to get my card?

Securing your Yomi Crypto Card is straightforward! Simply place a pre-order and get yourself on the whitelist. A notification will be promptly sent your way once the cards are available for utilization.

What contactless payment options are available?

Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay.

Are there any minimum payment amounts?

No, there is no lower payment threshold. You can send any amount.

What is a 'Fallback payment asset'?

If your Yomi card has insufficient funds, monthly payments will be charged to the backup card. If the payment fails, the card will be blocked until you refill it.