White label crypto
payment gateway
and processing

Experience a rapid, secure, and adaptable payment processing solution for the digital era hosted on your servers with complete control and without reliance on third parties.

Yomi Go-round White Label Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Solution

No Hidden Fees or Third Parties

Enjoy absolute control of cutting-edge White Label blockchain solutions hosted on your servers.

Comprehensive Crypto Management Solution

Efficiently manage every aspect of crypto payments, from wallet management to transaction monitoring.

Multi-Currency Support & High-Level Security

Accept a wide range of multiple coins with state-of-the-art white label cryptocurrency exchange.

Scalability & Customizable Options

Tailor the flexible white-label blockchain solution, ensuring the perfect fit to your business.

White Label Payment Processing Features

Experience the full potential of our cutting-edge white-label crypto payment gateway development solution, specifically designed to cater to your business requirements.

Customizable and Ready to Install

Integrate our ready-to-use, tailored white-label crypto exchange platform seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

Payment Management & Accounting

Efficiently manage and monitor your cryptocurrency payments and accounting needs.

White Label Crypto Wallet Management

Manage digital assets easily with a unified tracking, reporting, and storage solution.

Crypto Debit Card Solutions

Provide customers with whit-label cryptocurrency debit card integration for effortless, convenient withdrawals.
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Ready to Integrate

Customizable and ready to integrate

Experience our tailored solution's convenience, adaptability to your requirements, and seamlessly working with a private token.
High-level digital security
Lightweight system
Flexible settings

Customizable solution

Effortlessly adapt our white-label crypto exchange software with our fully customizable platform to your unique business needs.

Working with a Private Token

Integrate any token or blockchain into your payment system, ensuring seamless compatibility and convenience.
White Label Solution

White Label Payment Management

Crypto Accounting

Efficiently manage your cryptocurrency transactions with our multi-send feature, saving on network fees.

Custom Checkouts & Automated Payments

Personalize checkouts for various business transactions, track payment sources with Click ID and enjoy rapid fiat-to-crypto conversions without hidden fees.

E-commerce Plugin Integration

Simplify transactions with QR code or wallet payments, and enjoy unlimited payments without upper limits.

Bidirectional Crypto Gateway

Seamlessly transact cryptocurrencies in both directions with our innovative solution.
Available Cryptocurrencies

Supported Cryptocurrencies & Blockchains

Can't find the cryptocurrency you're looking for? We'll add it just for you. Add your token to the crypto merchant.
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Crypto Wallet

Advanced White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet Management

Wallet Management

Efficiently manage your digital assets with our comprehensive white-label crypto wallet solution.

Multi-Currency Wallet

Utilize our wallet app and extension, supporting 19 currencies across 6 blockchains, complete with swap functionality.

Consolidated Management Panel

Monitor specific wallet balances, configure system commissions, and easily manage recurring payments.

Non/Semi-Custodial Wallet

Choose between non-custodial and semi-custodial wallet options based on your preference for control and security.

History of Transactions

Conveniently download transaction history in PDF format for taxation purposes.
Crypto Debit Card

White Label Crypto Debit Card Solutions

Supported 180+ countries for use
High limits
Daily POS spend up to $150k, Daily ATM withdrawal up to $5k

Crypto & Fiat Management

Seamlessly manage both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies (USD, EURO, POUND, YEN, YUAN) with our mobile SDK for Android and iOS.

Debit card for business 

Pay salaries and other expenses in crypto while employees receive funds in fiat.

Integrated with non-custodial crypto wallet

Streamline your financial management with your wallet.

Personal IBAN

Use your personal IBAN for official payments, supporting SEPA and SWIFT transfers.

Discover Your Business' Blockchain Potential

Take charge with no hidden fees and no third parties. Experience the efficiency and adaptability of our white-label blockchain solution, offering seamless crypto payment management, tailored to fit your business.
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Fiat Acquiring Integration
Crypto Partial Payments
NFT Marketplace
E-com Plugin
Custom Token / Blockchain Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We've compiled the answers to the most frequently asked and are ready to help you figure it out.

What makes the white-label crypto payment gateway and processing solution unique?

Our solution offers rapid, secure, and adaptable payment processing hosted on your servers, providing complete control and eliminating the need for third-party involvement.

How does Yomi Go-round Crypto Solution ensure security and scalability?

The solution supports multiple cryptocurrencies with state-of-the-art transaction security measures and is highly customizable to suit your business requirements.

Can I integrate the white-label payment processing solution with my existing infrastructure?

Our solution is designed to be customizable and easy to install, allowing seamless integration with your current infrastructure.

Does the solution support multiple currencies and wallets?

Our multi-currency wallet supports 19 currencies across 6 blockchains, and our solution includes a comprehensive wallet management system. Besides, you can import and manage any crypto wallets inside Yomi.

Can I track transactions and download history for taxation purposes?

Yes, our solution allows you to monitor transactions and conveniently download transaction history in PDF format for taxation purposes.

Are any hidden fees or third parties involved in the solution?

No, our solution can be hosted on your servers, giving you complete control and eliminating hidden fees or third-party dependencies.

Can I request a personalized demo of the white-label solution?

You can request a demo tailored to your business needs by clicking the "Request a Demo" button.